How to Spice up Your Car Sex

Car sex isn’t just for movies anymore. Today, many people are now engaging in car sex. There’s a lot to be said for this trait: the thrill of discovery, the change of scenery, and, yes, the need for spontaneity. On the other hand, dirty sex in the car is one thing. However, it goes to show that there is a right way and a wrong way to get laid in a car. It is why you should know some things. If you are tired of the way you have sex in your car, you should learn how to spice it up.

Experiment With Different Sex Positions

intimate momentOne way to spice up your car sex is by experimenting with different car sex positions. If you do not know those car sex positions, you should do some research. Car sex positions are different from bed sex because cars have smaller rooms for sex than a bedroom. It is why many people prefer to do car sex positions when doing it in their vehicle. This makes things more easy and more fun at the same time. There are many car sex positions; you can easily do them when doing sex. Some people prefer reclining the chairs, while some just do it in the back seat.

Bring Some Sex Toys

Another thing that can help spice up your car sex is bringing some sex toys. If you don’t have any sex toys, then you should purchase some. This makes car sex more thrilling and enjoyable. Ask your partner if they have one so that they can bring it ahead. But if both of you do not have sex toys, you can use the accessories available in the car. You can use the sex belt to tie your partner and some napkins or clothes to cover their eyes. This is what many people do who like to do a quickie in their cars.

Play an Amazing Sex Playlist

romanceLastly, an amazing sex playlist is very important so that you can spice up your car sex. It would be best if you prepared your playlist before the time you will be having sex. You can choose from different musicians. Just make sure that the song will get into both of you so that you can feel the music driving you as you have sex. Pick some slow music if you plan on doing sex slowly. You can also pick other music depending on your mood at that time.

Many people are now adopting car sex these days. In fact, some people even prefer it over bedroom sex. So if you like to spice up your car sex, you should follow the things outlined above. It will definitely help you spice your car sex as it did to mine. We hope that you find this blog post helpful.…