Negative Effects Of Masturbation

5uikyjhAlthough many individuals argue that there are endless positive side effects that are brought about by masturbation and that it is a wonderful activity to engage in, there are also some negatives that are brought about by masturbation. Before you start hurling insult to those who are opposed to masturbation and calling them names, it is important that you read along. Although nobody has come forward to highlight the long term negative effects of masturbation, there are lots of side effects that can manifest themselves in you, if you engage in it over a long period.

Some of those negative side effects


If you engage in masturbation for a long time, you run the risk of desensitizing yourself, a phenomenon that may make it difficult for you to climax later on. If you are the type of person, who has been used to masturbating that often, you will most definitely take longer to get it off when you engage in real sex. In some instances when it gets to the extreme, you may not be able to achieve an orgasm when you are having intercourse with another person. So that you do not experience such a side effect, it is advisable that you masturbate in moderation if you can’t avoid it entirely. Experts also advise that you use lube or toy for your masturbation sessions if you have been using your dry hand.

Effect on hard on

After you have been through masturbation for long periods, your hard on is also likely going to be affected. If you are careful enough, you will realize that after masturbation you lose the ability to get hard for a little while. For those individuals who have problems with achieving a proper erection, it is advisable that you do not masturbate anytime soon because you will end up worsening the situation.


56756Another very common negative side effect of masturbation is the guilt that men and women do experience after masturbation. Our social set up has attached some negative stereo type to masturbation, and because of this, it takes an emotional toll on individuals who engage in masturbation. If a woman discovers that some man is doing it, they will want to to make them feel bad. This will increase the level of guilt, and it may cause problems in their relationship down the line.

Hormonal imbalance

Another side effect that most individuals do not realize is the hormonal imbalance that masturbation brings about. The hormonal imbalance makes somebody feel some pretty crazy side effects. One can become very tired, experience some pelvic pain or in some server cases it can cause changes in one’s vision or even lead to hair loss.

These are some of the side effects that one can experience due to excessive masturbation.