Right of Education?
"My child was a good student. I was dreaming that he would become a doctor or an engineer…but now he is in prison and I don’t know what his future will be."Mother of a 14-year-old child. Mother of a 14-year-old child.

The percentage of children who dropped out from school has recently increased in several areas of Jerusalem. This is due to Israeli forces incursions in schools, firing of sound and gas bombs in the schools’ courtyards, and arrests of children in or around schools. The number of children arrested has increased since the first intifada. Most of them allegedly accused with throwing stones, and many of them arrested several times, as in the cases with Muslem Odeh and Louai Rajabi who were arrested more than 13 times.

About this photograph

Marwan Makhoul, in the photograph, says:

Your sense of responsibility towards your conscience is what makes you care about the Palestinian children who should not be raised in a culture of intimidation and end up growing weak under the influence of intimidation and injustice.

We do not want the word childhood to be synonym to tragedy where it is suppressed and neutered and would never bring hope of any kind.

The scene of Israeli soldiers pulling innocent children from their arms to interrogate and abuse them in order to promote a culture of terror in the psyche of these children is what calls us to immediately intervene in an attempt to save the young Palestinian children from the Israeli military machine which doesn’t have any feelings. This could be an indirect attempt to defend the human rights that are being violated everyday in front of the blind international public.

You do not need to be Palestinian to be affected by this Israeli terrorism practiced by the authorities against a child who softly resisted to speak up, it is enough that you only have a heart to make a statement about their sufferings and to ensure your honor!